Pool & Sauna


 Heated water  Essential oils  Massage


In the winter we have a heated jacuzzi, where the pool is in the summer. Jacuzzi is equipped with lights and different massages. There is also a Finnish sauna in cottage, offering various essential oils.

Village cottage, Forest glade cottage and Lake cottage

Cottages are built exclusively out of wood, with a lot of love. They offer relaxation for 4 people or a couple. The cottages are fully equipped for the stay and for activities at, or outside the cottages. There are bicycles, a children’s playground, picnic area and in winter, a heated Jacuzzi under the stars with colorful lights.

VILLAGE COTTAGE, Prihova 34a, 3331 Nazarje

FOREST GLADE COTTAGE and LAKE COTTAGE, Poljane 25a, 3332 Rečica ob Savinji

GSM: 031 206 715 | info@kocanavasi.si

Village cottage

Forest glade cottage and Lake cottage